Damian Completed Adventures

The Challenge Why challenge and adventure?

For me running a marathon holds no appeal but talk to me about running 6 in 5 and half days across the Sahara desert self-supported and my ears perk up. I want to test myself mentally and physically in the most extreme conditions possible. These experiences are incredible powerful, they give you a window into corners of yourself you very rarely if ever get to see.

  • Partnership

    This challenge would not be possible without the generous support of my partners. To find out more about Damian, the challenge and how you can get involved, click the link below

  • The 7 Summits The next challenge.

    The quest to climb the highest mountains of each of the seven continents has captured the imagination of mountaineers since the idea was first publicised by American, Dick Bass in 1985. 

  • A Former Rugby Player, Traveler & Adventurer

    Damian Browne is a former professional rugby player, traveler and adventurer hailing from Galway, Ireland. After a sixteen year career battling on the rugby pitches of The Celtic league, English Premiership and French Top 14 Championship, injury forced his hand and he made the tough decision to retire. Since then Damian has been on a mission to explore the capacities of the body body by testing his limits in some of the World's most extreme envirnoments and challenges